Monday, March 07, 2016

Two Days In The Real World...

Yes, this morning I headed back out for another run in the real world. Back to back runs - what is the world coming to? I shall be back to the treadmill later in the week to continue the speed work though.

I have to be honest my legs felt heavy. Not achy or sore and there was no tightness anywhere, just heavy. I decided to make a trip to the recycling centre in the Forest so it made sense to start my run from close by rather than head off somewhere else.

I started with a loop of the Barnhill Plantation and up to the quarry. Surprisingly I got a Strava CR on the climb! - Guess it's not a popular route... Then I headed north to quite literally run the gauntlet of dodging the mountain bikers. Not unsurprisingly, I guess, I didn't see many - well it is a normal working day for many.

I completed the run with a big loop, almost to the main road, before heading back round and down to the car. It wasn't quick, best described as a workman like 12km. Week twelve of the comeback has begun well...

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