Saturday, March 26, 2016

Found The Gap In the Rain

So I got lucky with the weather, managing to pick a gap in the rain although it was blowing a right gale. It all felt a bit laboured at first but I was determined to improve on my run from two weeks ago. I worked hard on the climbs, the first of which I managed a ten to fifteen seconds improvement. The final section, off the road, to the top of May Hill was a real struggle though. Right into the wind and possibly for the first time ever the clag was down with visibility at about 100m. Yes, low visibility on the May Hill. At points I felt I was running on the spot!

Anyway, I finally got over May Hill eventually and into the downhill section. It felt nice to stretch the legs but it was still surprisingly hard work into the strong wind. I also managed around a ten second improvement on the final climb to Hobbs Quarry so on that front the run was a success. Interestingly despite the improvements the overall run was a few seconds slower overall which was basically down to the strong winds and also the slippery, stony path down from Hobbs Quarry where I nearly came a cropper.

Going to rest tomorrow because I feel my legs need it...

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