Thursday, March 24, 2016

I Could Run All Of The Hills Some Of The Way....

and some of the hills all of the way but couldn't quite manage all of the hill all of the way. I'd have to say though, in reality, it was most of the hills all of the way. There's no way, back in December, I could have run today's session. I'm pleased.

I focused on making it to the tops what ever the speed so long as I was 'running' - using the loosest definitions of running. Towards the far point of the route my heart rate hit 175 midway on one of the climbs but I just kept going.

A good solid 10 miles with 750m ascent in horrible, driving rain. I even managed a couple of Strava PRs and a half dozen 2nds to a run from waaaay back in 2012 when I was half decent. That was by far my hardest run so far and the Garmin agrees, telling me I have to rest for 3 days - that's two more days than it's told me before. I won't be taking that advice... Anyway, I finished with 30 mins on the bike and some ab-crunches.

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