Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Abort Abort...

I was meant to pull a row session tonight but after a few strokes - sssh, no, stop it - I got twinge from my shoulder. Not an ow, that's really painful got to stop, more an ooch - not sure what that's meant to be - I can't really pull hard - think that might qualify for another sssh, no, stop it. I decided to abort. If I'm honest my legs didn't feel too powerful either.

Instead I decided to convert to a pseudo rest day with just 45 minutes on the bike. I was obviously off the money tonight because I forgot to start my watch till I was ten+ minutes in. I finished off with a solid core workout which now consists; 4x31 sit-ups, 2x9 pull-ups, 2x27 push-ups and 2x15 tricep dips. Interestingly I thought I might not manage the push-ups but they weren't a problem.

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