Monday, March 14, 2016

Not So Unlucky 13...

Yes, week thirteen of the comeback begins.. with a rest day - aka 45 minutes on the bike. I'm still feeling good and I was 17th of 34 at the orienteering yesterday. Top 50% from a strong field. I'll definitely take that.

So anyway I think I might have found a possible target race, The Butcombe Trail Ultra. It's in September and covers 47 miles. Nowhere near the 3600m ascent of the Mourne Skyline but it is quite a bit more distance. It's also much closer to home travel wise. I feel this could be the event to prepare myself for. I am due to complete the comeback in June. That will give me 8 weeks to ramp the mileage towards an Ultra. I reckon it's doable but perhaps a tad over ambitious so I'm not going to commit at this very early stage.

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