Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Still On Track

True, it's not been a run day but come on, three in a row, I'm allowed a day off. Not totally off though. After a steady day at work, possibly the best ever drive home with almost no traffic, I stayed focused to the task and managed a sweat inducing sixty on the static bike waiting for the rains to come - that's quite a long sentence!

Tomorrow's orienteering has already been called off and said rains have now arrived. Assuming the forecast is anywhere near accurate it's going to be tough to get out for a run now I've no official event to attend.

On the up side my new head torch has arrived. A Lenser H7. Weighing in at the same cost as a replacement battery for my magicshine, I thought I'd give it a go. It's not as bright. It doesn't turn night into day. More sort of twilighty but I think it will do the job. So if the rains do last all day maybe they'll ease off after sun down and I can run then.

On the diet front, provided I don't snack later, I'm on target again...

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