Monday, December 30, 2013

Day Two

Of the diet and training plan. Yesterday was a success and I'm on track today - provided I don't snack later tonight, that is... I've struck while the iron is hot rather than make it a big deal as a new years resolution. I'm aiming to shed 10lb of lard in ten weeks. That'll be worth 90s on a 5k just by itself! I really have become too lardy over the last 18 months and it's stopping right here right now. To be fair there hasn't been much planning other than that I must commit more to training and give in less to apathy.

Today Martin and I got out for the anti-clockwise Dundry loop - and it was tough out there, into a really strong headwind. My achilles was sore but that didn't stop me. Earlier in the day I had warned Martin I wasn't running in the pouring rain and gales but, like it was destined to be, the sky cleared, Moses like as unto the Red Sea, in time for our lunchtime run. Still bloody windy mind.

Bring on day three...

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