Saturday, December 28, 2013

Hands Up Guv, It Wasn't My Finest Piece Of Orienteering..

There was a good turnout in the woods somewhere north of Chepstow for the Stotts Christmas-O. It was a chilly day but it wasn't raining. Well it wasn't raining until I started....

We were using a work in progress map update of the area but to me it was fine - but then I couldn't see anything for the rain on my glasses, so what do I know?

I struggled in the early stages. It was really just so difficult to see the map while monitoring my progress. I mucked up one and made a bad route choice to four but after that progress was just plain slow until the rain finally stopped and I could see clearly once more. Just a shame that was by the time I got to control nine. From there to the finish I went a lot better.

Good fun though. Looking forward to tomorrow's Christmas treasure hunt and maybe, just maybe, it wont rain....

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