Saturday, December 21, 2013

Fun Run In The Darkness got even darker after my battery hit empty. Unfortunately I still had a muddy, tree covered descent still to go but I'm getting ahead of things.

It was the first Rogue Runs night race of a four race series. Staged in the mighty Forest of Dean by a formidable team of race experts. It was bloody good fun - until the lumin deficiency. They even made us run through a 40m long tunnel. Selling it as a short cut - shortcut my arse. I got over-bloody-taken - both times! I hate you Creber [in my best 'On the Buses' voice and shaking fist].

On the final climb my battery gave up the ghost. It wasn't that bad on the climb as it was a good, wide track but once at the summit I was fair up a creak without a paddle. Having tried to continue along the muddy, windy tree covered path I couldn't see s*!t. Just had to wait for the next runners to appear to give me some light. Cue a 30s wait. Having found the light at the cost of two places, I finished. I'm looking forward to the next race in the series - just need to order a new battery first....

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