Saturday, December 07, 2013

Wandering Around Woodchester

Wasn't tempted enough so the orienteering it was. I parked up the van on Selsley Common and ran along the Cotswold Way before turning off at Nympsfield and heading along the road to the event. 8km.

Quickly registered, I headed out on the blue course. I didn't exactly light up the world with my speed across the ground, briefly slowing on the ascent to control one to talk baking with Vanessa - you can tell I take this orienteering lark very seriously...

I had a good run all in all. I won't bore with the detail. Suffice, I didn't make any big mistakes, just one small one that cost me a minute or so. Other than that it went well. If I'd not run to the event I would probably have knocked a minute or two off running the trail sections but for now I'm happy to keep my orienteering strictly for fun.

I finished in 49:06 and 14th place (52 starters). That's my quickest by far and most importantly inside the hour at last. To be fair I think it was a little easier and shorter than normal but hey, you can only run the route provided. And that was the orienteering finished till the next time. With my dibber downloaded I headed home following a route suggested by Pat W and by the time I got back to the van I was fair knackered...

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