Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Three In Four

Three runs in four days is possibly a seasons best - only took me till December... To be fair, I think I did run three times in four days some months ago but it's definitely been a while.

It was quite enjoyable, head torch blazing the way - and no, before you say it, I'm not practising my night time off road running for the 21st. Okay, technically I guess I was but out there in the dark it's safer than running up and down the country lanes.

I felt really sluggish in the first couple of kilometres. Maybe that was down to heading straight out after the drive home but if I gave myself time to think I'd probably have talked myself out of running. No, it was definitely better to have struck while the iron was lukewarm. Anyway, with the first few k's out the way I started to feel better and began to enjoy it out there. All done, it was only 9k but I'm happy with that.

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