Sunday, December 08, 2013

Did I Ever Not Feel Like It But I Did It Anyway

Feeling knackered - and that was before I dragged myself out for a run. There was no way I would manage a run in the Black Mountains so I downsized to a run over May Hill instead. Not quite the same. I did stop and take a wistful look out towards the mountains from the top of the hill. It was a lovely clear day and you could make out the entire range along the border. Another day.

I felt lumbering at the start and felt lumbering at the finish but I got out there despite having a raft of excuses as to not bother. I finished off the days training with an hour on the exercise bike. Taking the weekend as a whole it hasn't been too bad. I managed a decent orienteer melded with reasonable mileage and two days of running. My achilles is feeling tight but I think the only way it will resolve is to just keep plugging away and ignore it.

Anyway, can't spend all day on here. It's time to get baking. Experimental cranberry and blueberry pies...

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