Sunday, December 29, 2013

Better Today

It's more about fun than serious at the Christmas Treasure Hunt. I wasn't taking the event too seriously as a race but I was keen to run pretty hard on grounds of training. You see, I've decided to kick off my new years resolutions early. More training - that one shouldn't be too difficult as my recent record is extremely poor. The other is to shed a few pounds (or more than a few hopefully).

Anyway back to the hunt, I managed to visit 16 of the 18 controls within the hour time limit. I say within the limit but I was actually 17s late - smack me. Those 17s were not through lack of trying though. I was piling it on from the last control - which was actually the first as I ran the reverse direction. Despite my best effort I still got back late - damn the owners of the house whose house name plate had been removed leading me to waste 18s searching for it before declaring it awol (control 10).

After the last combatant got back we all headed to the Lion in Trellech for chip butties. Yum.

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