Wednesday, January 01, 2014

An Ark, An Ark, My Kingdom For An Ark

Jeez is it ever going to stop raining? If you're expecting to hear that I went for a run in this then you need to seek help.

The flood waters are just about being held at bay - provided I don't stop raking the leaves from the grate now and then, that is. As long as the storm drain is kept clear it seems to be coping. Definitely can't afford for it to block up though.

So it was ninety on the bike, watching cookery shows in between making and baking a french stick using my christmas banneton. It turned out great especially served up with some lovely olives wot someone gave me.

Day four of the new regime has gone well. I've been snack free again. And so the focus remains - as, sadly, does the forecast for more flippin' rain. Grrrrrhhh.

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