Saturday, January 04, 2014

Wasn't Feeling It Today

Although not far, I just didn't fancy the drive across to the Kymin for 4 miles. The road conditions probably weren't too bad by the time of the race but having woken at 5am to the sound of torrential rain I really wasn't feeling up for it. The rain sounded so bad I had to get up and take a look, fearful of what might greet me. Thanfully the adjusted drainage was working a treat but after that I just lay in bed listening to the rain. Sleep deserting me.

If I'm honest I'm probably going to race minimally over the next few months. Focusing more on training - aka actually doing some - and shedding the extra weight I have acquired over the last couple of years. On that front, it's still all systems go. I managed about 150 minutes of cardiovascular today which included a 30 minute run - in the mud. Good conditions if wallowing in mud is your thing. It really is very soggy out there.

Today's baking was curried vegetable pasties using an olive oil based pastry to try and keep things slightly healthier than pasties might otherwise be. It was certainly different to conventional pastry but turned out okay. Not being the rock hard bricks I was expecting going into the oven...

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