Thursday, January 09, 2014

Not A Bad Day Twelve

I managed a lunch run - at lunch time, as opposed to a lunch run at tea. Martin skinned me again. Not unexpected. It wasn't my fastest but equal to my recent efforts and the wind was a bit in your face - that's as in my face - on the way out. 33:20 for the record so I can keep one and monitor my progress.

Then I had a decent drive home. Managed to side step the accident on the A40, ducking down the 48 and then cross country. That could have been a twenty minute queue avoided.

I followed up with 45 minutes catching up on the days news before possibly the quickest dinner ever - beating even Jamie. And was tasty. Tomato tuna pasta with grated parmesan in under ten minutes, cooked, dishes washed and on the table ready to eat. Now that's cooking. Oh, did I mention the 45 minutes was also a bike session.

All in all I'm happy with that. Pound three will be shedding at a training session near you soon...

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