Friday, January 31, 2014

Well, It's Been A Month

And a couple of days since I started the diet. One month on and I'm seven pounds lighter and it's been all too easy. In another month I'll be back down to my racing weight. A weight I've not been since 2008! It seems almost too easy... There has to be a hitch somewhere doesn't there?

I have the focus now. I've been a long time in limbo. 3+ years is a long time to be letting things slip. Somewhere back there I forgot what it's all about. Live to work or work to live? And by live really mean run.

I think I remember what it is to be the Mad Runner. To do the stuff which is pretty darn stupid but you do it anyway. It's time to put MAD back on the menu...

That said, there's MAD and there's MMMAAAADDDD - and I'm not quite at that stage just yet. Tomorrow's forecast has vastly deteriorated. What was windy but mostly dry is now pretty much solid rain and strong winds - and that means sleety snow up in the mountains. Not sure it's sensible to put myself through four to five hours of that. It certainly isn't going to help my mucous cough much. So the Flaxley orienteering might well be back to the menu. Oh the shame...

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