Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Thirty One Seconds...

Better than my last 5k. Not difficult as my run in October was truly awful. It was the Pomphrey Sports 5k tonight and in determined mood, I made the start line - and the finish!

I wasn't aiming to set the world on fire, just run a bit quicker than last time. I set off towards the back of the pack and little by little picked my way through the field. I took the pace quite easy in the first half, letting the loss of three bags of sugar from around my waist, in a month, do its thing.

It did indeed do its thing as I didn't really have to dig in until the last kilometre and even then it was more keeping the focus than anything else. I never pushed myself outside the comfort zone tonight but still came away 31s better - subliminal message, most improved runner...

I know at some point I will have to put in some serious effort but for now I'll just keep easing the time downwards.

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