Friday, January 10, 2014

Destination Set

Tomorrow is to be my first mountain run of the year and the first of my comeback. The forecast is looking just about as peachy as it can do this time of year. Might take an extra layer though, because it's no doubt going to be chillier than of late but all in all it shouldn't be too bad.

Tonight I managed 75 minutes on the bike before hitting the sofa - and I don't think I'm going to be getting up any time soon. My legs are actually feeling quite tired from a full week of training. I'm not sure how much running I shall be doing tomorrow but I'll be happy just to get out there, heading along the ridge.

I'm going to start gentle. Tomorrow's route - setting out from the Priory, Llanthony Priory not the other one - should be around 13 miles with 4,000ft of ascent. That's probably a little more ascent than I should tackle this early in the game but I can always revert to walking...
Llanthony to the Mynydd Du Forest, looping anti-clockwise direction

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