Saturday, February 01, 2014

The Curious Incident Of Creber's Map With Paths Shown...

In the race organisers notes, the blue course was to use a map with the forest paths removed. Enquiring as to why Andy's map had paths shown drew the response, "You don't want to be orienteering in these woods without using the paths, you'll get cut to ribbons, it's right rough it is."

Anyway, it was good fun but a bit of a struggle and not just down to the roughness of the terrain. I jogged across from home, about six and a half kilometres and it was a struggle. This mucous cough is having a more detrimental effect than I gave it credit for. I was a bit out of breath and I really did only jog. The weather was far less severe than the scaremongers - or MET Office as some know them - were warning of and I think it would have be all right in the mountains. That said I'm glad I didn't go because I think I would really have struggled. 6km was tough 28km might have been the end of me.

No, I definitely made the right call and I don't think it's going to be sensible to go tomorrow either. I think I need to ease off a bit this coming week. Get back to 100% and then crack on again. One week light duties is not going to knockk me back too badly.

As to the orienteering, that was okay. I didn't cover the ground at all quickly and with few solid points of reference - aka, the paths, grrrr Creber - it was difficult navigation. My local knowledge aided me on a few of the controls but mostly it was just steady as she goes to avoid making any really big mistakes. I finished. Job done. Then it was just the jog back home and the warmth of the central heating...

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