Sunday, February 23, 2014


My legs are sore from quads to calves but the weekend's trio of races is complete. Today's orienteering was a struggle though and took forever. My speed across the ground was pitiful. Hopefully I won't be last though.

I orienteered alright. I made a bit of a bad initial choice out from four but quickly saw the light. Five, six and seven were slow to find but I didn't stray far from the right line. My biggest error was seventeen. I got myself in the right area but at that point fatigue was kicking in and I was losing mental focus due to fatigue. I re-aligned and then picked it off quickly. From my gps l must of practically brushed past it on my first attempt to locate.

The rest weren't a problem but I was just very slow at running by then - if what I was doing could actually be called running. MSROTTPFTS...

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