Friday, February 14, 2014

Still Didn't Get The Software Written!

Got a step closer but yet to actually break into coding... Was a productive day even so but less of the boring work stuff, I have finally got a fix on a solid mid season target race. After a tip off, I've bitten the bullet and entered the Marlborough Downs Challenge, May 10th. It's a 33 miler over - yes, you guessed - the Marlborough Downs. (Suspecting rocket science wasn't required to work that one out). I don't think it's particularly hilly. Maybe a couple thousand feet of ascent?

Best knuckle down now and get some kind of training plan up together... Ninety on the bike tonight, watching the wind in the willow. I wonder how many more branches will be wrenched from her ancient trunk come the morning? The gusts and rain are really hammering down...

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