Sunday, February 09, 2014

The Early Bird Catches The, Uh, Orienteering?

... I wasn't an early bird! I do feel better for having had a good long lie in. I think I probably missed a good event though as the weather today looked good - in the morning, at least. Although I've read reports of some having difficulties with, being delicate, the navigation. All said and done, it's all one big balancing act and when my body says it's tired then I will listen.

Anyway, it's time to enter phase two of the diet. The abs, press ups and pull ups phase. Well it's no good being down towards my racing weight without good core body strength!

Ting, well that's the oven timer I hear. Time to take the cinnamon raisin loaf out of the oven - just got to resist eating it all...

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