Saturday, February 22, 2014

Two Down, One To Go

While I was genuinely pleased with my performance in the Hatterall Hammer I was basically happy just to make the finish line of the RogueRuns Chepstow night race this evening. Easy it was not, especially with legs that felt tired and tight. Only one more race to go..

Rewinding back to this afternoon. There was another large turnout for the winter league fell race, the inaugural Hatterall Hammer. Despite being only four and a bit miles it was far from effortless. Basically an out and back with a bit of road at the start and conversely also at the first - duh, it was an out and back.

For the first time in a long time I felt okay on the climb. I found myself being able to run much more of the up the of recent times. This losing nine lbs is bloody good for running up hill. Once I've lost the last three to five lbs it'll be like running along the flat - ah, maybe not.

Anyway, I couldn't hang around to chat, jumped in the van and drive home to scoff some nosh and get myself ready for race number two. As ready as ready was I hopped in the car and high-tailed it down to Chepstow for the evening race. I was in such a rush I almost forget my shoes - what a disaster that would have been.

So, I found my way down to Cheppers - as no one calls it - registered and waited for the off. With my legs feeling tight I set off steady and surprised myself by feeling not too bad once actually under-way. Any thoughts of replicating my form from the afternoon's race soon diminished though as I hit the first muddy climb and abruptly came to a grinding halt. From there on it was all a bit of a struggle.

I only lost one place on the second half but when you're constantly looking over your shoulder and checking the gps every ten seconds you know you're in for a battle to the get to the finish and end the agony. Okay, it wasn't agony but it was tough. And we won't mention Paul's Pond or Creber's Creek - 'the water's only up to the knee'. Up to the knee my arse - yes, thinking about it, that was about the depth...

I'd like to say I'm all set for tomorrow's orienteering but I suspect I'm going to have trouble walking. Happy days...

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