Thursday, August 15, 2013

Well I Was Hoping To Head To Chepstow Training Tonight...

Seeing as though I didn't get clear of work in the Big Apple - that's Bristol, we like our cider - till gone 18:45 the chance was gone. Didn't get home till just gone eight. Tired after a long day I could not be arsed for training. It was raining. That bloody drizzly stuff, the stuff that get you soaked without the decency to present itself as proper, wholesome rain drops. No, I'd had enough of the day. It wasn't all bad though. The mystery bowl of frozen food I took out of the freezer this morning turned out to be macaroni cauliflower cheese - and it was bloody, gert lush. So far this week, I'm up a flexi-day already and there's still bloody Friday to come. Over and out.

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