Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Trelleck Twenty

It was the final LCL Road Race of the season this evening over at Trelleck and it was my fastest. Okay, not technically the fastest as they are all varying distance but I equalled the pace of the previous one and this one was a mile longer. I completed the very undulating 9.9km in 43:22. A time that I known I can lower significantly if I can knuckle down and get some sort of training habit going. I think I've improved a little during the season just by getting out there for four of the five races. Now if I could tag on some actual training that would be all the better.

I started the evening off with a slowly jogged 5km up to Trelleck from the Bigsweir Bridge. I took it very steady to save myself for the race. After the race, with my magic-shine shining bright - but not like a diamond - I jogged the 5km back down to the car.

Been a tiring end to an other wise restful couple of days. I pretty much did sod all Monday but got on with a load of spring cleaning and tidying the garden today culminating in a trip to recycling centre. I think my batteries might actually have a bit of charge in them. All set to get back to the daily grind tomorrow - booo.

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