Saturday, August 31, 2013

Took My Eye Off The Ball....

Again! I was going okay at the Ninewells orienteering until I bumped into a certain chap. I kind of switched off for a few minutes, made a bad call and from that point, subconsciously, I gave up trying. It's not normally like me to give up but I didn't really see it as a race in the true sense. For me it was another spot of training. Up to the point I dropped the ball I was naving quite well. I was into most of the controls quite accurately. So on that front I was pleased.

It was a score event today with minus points for every minute not back inside the hour. I was back with five minutes to spare but couldn't be arsed to go collect the three controls within a few hundred metres of the finish. I had plenty of time to get them I just couldn't be bothered.

On the plus side my achilles seems okay, it felt a little tight on the jog back to the car but overall I'm pleased. On a few on the longer controls I pushed the pace - as far as me and pushing the pace go - and everything was okay. Should be fine for the main feature of the weekend, the Four Fans Fantastical Festival Fell Race. A brutal challenge of strength, endurance and navigation in the mist or a stroll in the late summer sunshine as it looks like being. I say again, boo.

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