Sunday, August 04, 2013

Dodgy Direction

Well that was some kind of navigation. Definitely not good navigation, mind. It was bloody horrendous out there. Didn't stop raining the whole time and with the strong wind, it was slightly stinging in places. V and I reccied the Four Fans fell race. My main interest was the route choice from Fan Frynych to Fan Nedd. I was reasonably sure of the best way. The recce confirmed it. Ssssh, can't tell.

After that we took our eyes off the ball. Despite being low visibility we couldn't be bothered to get out the compass. We probably should have... Rest assured the compass will be to hand in the actual race. So, chatting about food and baking - as you do when out recceing in the mountains in poor conditions - we pretty much went off course on every other aspect of the route - good work. I wasn't bothered as there isn't really any route choice from Fan Llia. So with compass to hand there will be much less wandering off line. In poor visibility, like today, it will all be down to the compass as the ground is quite unremarkable underfoot with few distinguishing features.

Anyway, we descended way far to the right - doh and then had to cut back. We climbed to Fan Fawr before really going astray again... We put ourselves back on track after we had descended a little to regain some visibility - and an extra mile or two - doh. The river crossing was fun as we clung together to get across - there's been a fair bit of rain this last week from the torrent that was raging. Made it home in one piece. Been another two good days of training.

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