Saturday, August 03, 2013

The Impassable Pass Passable

Well that was a nice surprise. The impassable path of two weeks ago had been completely cleared. I was going to run the upper path through Blaisdon but seeing the lower path clear I went there instead. Ooh hang on, now I'm worried. Does that mean the Forestry Commission are tidying things up ahead of selling it off?

Anyway, back to the start. I set off over to Flaxley intending to run steadily and try a few more new paths. I went out the far side of the woods, down the road a little, towards Little Dean and around the back of Welshbury Wood into Flaxley. There's some money in that yer Flaxley Abbey. Must be worth a bob or two.

From Flaxley I took the steady climb across the fields into Mugglewort Wood, Blaisdon Wood, Hobbs Quarry and home. In all I covered just shy of ten miles as I'm saving myself for a tougher day of it tomorrow over in the west Black Mountains. Not looking forward to the heat though. The forecast is looking warm again but with some of the wet stuff. Going to be hard work in this kind of heat with no cover. Got to be done though.

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