Sunday, August 25, 2013

Back To The Old Hunting Ground

Had myself a thoroughly bloody enjoyable run this morning with Rick back on my old stomping grounds of Ashton Court and Leigh Woods. It wasn't like we were going rocket speed or anything but the pace was strong enough that I knew I was running. Running solo you get used to plodding along. Running in a pack - albeit a small pack - there's more urgency to things. It wasn't a race. It was even a tempo run but you do push that little but more. You don't ease back on the hills so much. In every way you work a little harded and it was just what the doctor ordered.

We ran through Leigh Woods and eventually ended up on the tow path before heading straight back up and towards the A369. A trio of fairly hard core mountain bikers came past just before the path turns steeper. To Rick, that was like a red rag to a bull and he climbed strongly, comfortably hanging on to the tail of the last biker. Me? Well I lost a few metres but despite that I managed a decent effort.

From there we headed around Abbots Pool before the final climb back up and into Ashton Court. A lap of the top field, with just over 10k registering on the watch we reached the sanctuary of the top car park. It was good to catch up and I really must get back down there more often. A few sessions like that would definitely help the old me return. I might even try and plan in a trip south to Bristol once a month...

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