Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Where Did The Heat Wave Go?

Martin and I trod the pavements like we owned 'em. Alright, I'll own up, we just about made it round the now weekly Dundry run. For some reason my legs felt tired and achy before we even began. I've not run since last Thursday and with only a few bike sessions under the belt between then and now, there's no reason my legs felt to be in such a poor state. Martin seemed equally heavy legged as we pootled out of the front gate and headed towards Dundry on the anti-clockwise route.

It was slow going down the A38. Mind, it felt pretty easy but in equal measures I didn't feel like I had much in the tank. I went up the hill steadily and by the top I was inching back towards Martin who'd pulled slightly ahead on the early part of the climb. As I neared the top I very nearly had my old stomp back - but only 'very nearly'. The time over the top wasn't quick but neither was it as slow as it felt.

By the finish I actually felt pretty good and as we ran down the final stretch I could actually feel myself cranking the pace slightly. I didn't expect it to be a fast time - and it wasn't. Having said that though, it wasn't as slow as I thought it was going to be either. It was about the same as two weeks ago but it all felt much easier today. Then it was back to the grind stone.

I'd just about had enough by the time I got home so I shoved my head in the oven... It's an electric so I wasn't in any danger of ending it all, at least not quickly. I hadn't really had enough, by the way, no, I was just after fixing the damn thing. Luckily for me the access to the element was simple and with a great big crack running through it, it was pretty obvious as to the nature of the problem. A quick flick through the Amazon jungle of gadgetry and a few pounds lighter, I should have her up and running by the weekend and ready for another batch of baking. Thank heavens for that...

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