Friday, October 14, 2011

Mooching In The Malverns

With all the shop rage of yesterday faded and forgotten - although I am still available for a private shopping optimisation consultation - I headed over to the Malverns on my day off. Oh yeah baby, day off. Four day week - back of... And with all that rage, I forgot to mention any of yesterday's training of which it was actually a good day. Martin and I got out for the lunchtime Dundry run and I was over a minute quicker than last week, running what turned out to be my quickest time since May and most surprisingly I wasn't pushing. There were moments when I felt the urge to surge - nice - but I was controlled and steady so it was with much surprise that I clocked my quickest time since May. I finished off the day with an hour on the bike to prepare for today's training.

As to today's run, I headed over to Holly's Bush - ooh no, stop it - for the old out and back to the Worcestershire Beacon. The weather was fab if a little hazy so the views were good but they weren't right. The Malvern Hills are a great place to run. Not only do you get a medium distance run - today turned at the Beacon rather than looping round North Hill so I only ran twelve and a half miles - you also get a chance to run a hill session.

My pace was steady as I effortorised - that's another one for my dictionary - the hills. In all there was about 2,500 feet of ascent but no individual hill took more than a couple of minutes to ascend. I put in the effort to run the hills and eased the descent and the flat. It was a good session. I have to put my hands up and say I didn't manage the full session - aka, I was reduced to a walk on a couple of the final climbs on the return but by then the lactic acid in my legs was really kicking in.

A Good day.

Today's route across the Malverns:-

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