Friday, October 28, 2011


Oh, the end of a long week. Thank heavens - that's the polite interpretation of the post title! Work has been heavy and the fear is more of the same in the coming weeks. Got to man up and take it on - and I will.

Well I don't know when the results of the Black Mountains race hit the inter-web but my 10th place from 69 finishers doth please me greatly and it was a legit 92.5 point score - unlike the cheating 98 pointer from the Brecon Beacons race that a certain person scored! But to be fair said person beat me on the BM's so I'm not bitter. Honest, I'm not. Truth. The disappointment of not hitting 3 hours is lessened by the fact that the winner was less than 18 minutes ahead - and he was a bloody good runner!

Over all I'm lacking a bit of motivation right now. I know what I want to achieve next year but I also know that it doesn't really matter. I reckon I might be a bit SAD - shut it - that's Seasonally Affected Disorder - aka, shitty dark mornings, dark afternoons and basically just dark all over. Bring on the summer...

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