Monday, October 31, 2011

What The Hell Just Happened?

I think - therefore, I am - that I just went for a run after the drive home from work! In the dark - but not that dark courtesy of my miniature head-sun - and the rain!! I think I must have had a knock on the head or something but heck, I bloody-well enjoyed it.

Out the front door, I headed into and around Flaxley Wood. A bit soggy underfoot in places. Misty in others and just a little Spooooooky - I ain't afraid of no ghosts. Although my pace didn't seem that quick I got round in a surprisingly nimble 46 minutes and that's not too bad a time if it was in the daylight. At six miles and 800ft ascent, it's not the longest route in the world but you know what? It's just the ticket after a hard day at work. The best bit though, was the final 400m. Not because it was the final 400m - although, that is a pretty damn good reason for it being the best bit. No, it was the best bit because, kitted out head to toe in black, I scared the crapola out of a load of kids as I ran across the field - nice work...

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