Monday, October 10, 2011

Feeling Stuffed

Oh god, that pizza was too big. Way too big. It was healthy mind but turned out bigger than I expected - not often it turns out bigger than expected - ooh matron. My first ever homemade pizza, black olive and peppers on homemade dough base. Surprisingly the actual preparation time only took about fifteen minutes to make the dough and fry off the topping - almost quicker than buying one in the supermarket!

After proving the dough for an hour I tried that 'spin the dough around in your hands malarchy ' like wot you see on the telly - but quickly gave that up as a bad job and rescued the base onto the baking mat before it became a horrible sploge on the kitchen floor. On with the topping, a sprinkle of cheese and then 15 minutes later, out of the oven and into my tum, yum, god damn, yum.

It's a bike session tonight but I'm having to crank up the sixty minutes to ninety...

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