Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mad Runner, Domestic Goddess!

I've been busy preparing for the family coming up to visit. I didn't get across to run the Sugar Loaf today but that's not exactly a bad thing. It's a good race but it holds a few memories... so I'm not overly disappointed. Now is not the time for maudlin. So instead I stayed at home and ran a little, biked a little and then got down to prepare for tomorrow's visit.

It's surprising how much more difficult it is to prepare five dishes instead of one. OK, probably not that surprising but it all went well. As ever, tidying as I cook, I worked my way through the schedule. Cheesy garlic loaf - check, quiche lorraine frittata - check, cheese, leek and potato tortilla - check, penne tomato pasta - check and finally tomato, cucumber salad - check. That's it for today. Now it's just the pizzas, sunflower bread, patatas bravas and chickpea chorizo salad to go but that's a story for another day...

And now it's finally time to put my feet up, kick back and chill. Sorted. 

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