Thursday, October 06, 2011

Elementary My Dear Watson

My poor oven, saddened as she was at being neglected, is back in the business of baking my tasty breads, buns and baps - ssh, stop it. The heating element arrived as promised and five minutes later I had her temperature rising. Result.

On the training front I am following the plan and fortunately that meant I was required to observe a rest day - I'm not complaining. It was a long day at work. Well, the day wasn't any longer than any other, in fact, it hasn't ended yet - unless, of course, you're reading this tomorrow, in which case this would be your yesterday - but in either case still isn't/wasn't longer than any other. Were was I? Oh yeah, much time spent at work. Home late. Weekly shop complete. Feet up. Sticking to the plan. Toot toot.

Unfortunately, tomorrow is likely to be another longer day - hang on, I'm not starting that again - another day of much time sent at work but then I will have to go do some training...

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