Wednesday, October 05, 2011

I'm Not 'Row'ver The Hill

... not yet, anyway. I've not been on the rower for a while. Not had a plan for even longer and generally been taking things day by day. Last night I dusted off the training plan. I've put on a few pounds during the summer - not that I'm a lardy or nuffin' - but with reduced training comes an expanding waist line. So to that end I penned the weeks training schedule that kicked off with tonight's bike and rowing session. And it felt pretty good. With no races on the horizon this weekend I'm tempted to head over to the dark side of the Black Mountains for a medium, say, 20 miles. Either that or a run from home to the far flung edges of the Forest - which'll be more eco-friendly.

All I need to do now is start to flesh out the plan. I'm seventy percent committed to a birthday Greenman Challenge attempt of the 23rd December and if I can kick in some longer runs I might take on the record... There, that's thrown down the gauntlet to my lazy-self!

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