Thursday, October 20, 2011

Making A Hash Of It

First off, a big thank you to Paul and Joc for putting on a superb night time hash run - and what better way to finish than with a pint and a chip butty, bloody marvelous. I made may way over to the Rising Sun, Moseley Green for 7:30, signed up on the dotted line and set off at the back of the field. I really like these informal runs. There's no need to chase away at the front like an idiot. There's no glory for winning - some think differently and go out all guns blazing - but for me the hash run is a social affair. With my portable sun lighting half the forest I found the going really good. The route, with it's many gotcha's, mainly followed the main tracks but there were some deviations onto smaller, narrower paths. On the matter of the Gotcha's I seem to have an almost god-like ability to pick the wrong route choice. I reckon I was 80-20 in favour of selecting the wrong one. Still, on the plus side you get a little extra distance to the run - bargain. With my mini-sun blazing, it was practically like running in daylight and I was able to ease my way along. At the half way point I moved into a comfortable second place - that was a surprise and down to the fact that a whole group of the leaders went wrong, missed the turn and added on a great chunk. From there I have to admit to running a bit harder. In fact, I pushed on the climbs to keep ahead and ended up moving further clear. I finished the 6.5 mile route in 51 minutes. Not a bad time considering the first half was so pedestrian and there were a few hills. Then it was all into the pub for said grub, a pint and a chinwag. Good night. Today's hash route:-

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