Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Planning The Menu

Couldn't be arsed for much training. After yawning through a few meetings - albeit worth attending for the heads up and my meagre input - I really wasn't up for much. Hence another bike session but peddled in a more positive mood tonight.

I called by Sainsb - ooh, stop there, this is an advertisment free zone - a supermarket on the way home to pick a few items. The family are up at the end of the month so I've got to get planning my menu - and more importantly, testing that a) I can cook what I plan and b) it's edible. Tonight I cooked up a chorizo and mozeralla pizza (homemade base) - that's one for the kids - and without bigging myself up it looked totally professional and tasted even better - that's definately one for the menu. I'm going to take a gamble on the hawiian - well there's only so much pizza one can eat.

I'll tell you what though, this planning a menu malarchy ain't easy. As sad as it may be, I've never tried this type of thing before and by that I mean cooking a menu rather than buying ready made goods that you just heat up. As the day fast approaches the pressure is on. Trying to get the quantities right, a good range and simple enough food that I can actually pull it off - fnah fnah is tricky, very tricky. As it's a lunch menu I'm going 'picky' food. I'm thinking a few tapas dishes. A couple of salads and some homemade bread. Together with the pizza I think there'll be enough. Desert, I'm afraid, is going to be an off the shelf affair. I don't really do desert so I'm not going to risk cooking my own... That said, with two weeks to go there is plenty of time to change the menu between now and then...

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