Tuesday, November 24, 2009

You know your in trouble when...

You get the 'burn' in your legs half way up the second flight of steps to your office - doh.

It was windy tonight. Possibly the windiest I've know it at the Bridge Inn. And being the Bridge, what wind there is, is right into you on the way home - bummer.

I ran like fourteen sacks of potatos. I'm obviously not over my five and a half hours of running on the weekend. I don't feel in any way stiff - stop it - but my legs feel tired. It seems strange but I thought I might go all right tonight - but I was wrong.

I intend to head out for a run at lunch tomorrow and then hit the track later on. That might seem too much but I'm so flamin' slow right now I could run a million miles for one of your smiles, my mammy - what the hell was that - ...run a million miles and it wouldn't make me any slower. I need to up things...

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