Sunday, November 22, 2009


Well I am - totally.

It's been a great weekend though. Totally pants weather, mind, but that didn't spoil the fun. Friday's drive up the M6 - leaving at 5, such that we did - was actually pretty good for once. There was none of the normal stop start above Stafford. We moved along at a steady pace and got up to the Hebdon Bridge area right on schedule - M6 as it is, that doesn't happen often.

We stayed at the luxurious Hotel du Anne and Bill - a most excellent establishment with on suite self catering cottage available at reasonable prices in the heart of some truly great countryside on which to run - brilliant.

Saturday's Tour of Pendle went fine until about 13 miles when I ran out of puff. The last few miles were killer, including two of the steeper climbs. I finished in 3:27 but was on for somewhere near 3:10 before I faded. Helen was second in under 3 - I wonder when she'll stop bragging about by how much she beat me - doh.

The Calder Do in the evening was fun. I had drooping eyelids not to mention drooping legs by the end but everyone seemed to have fun.

Then this morning we went out to recce the Noonstone race, we'd arranged a semi official club recce with lots of agreed attendees. Due to various illnesses - read hung over - there were only four of us in the end but it was good all the same. The race is run over some quite wild moorland and it was 8 miles of mostly tough going - and boggy, most definitely boggy.

The drive home was uneventful and soon, very soon sleep will come...

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