Sunday, November 01, 2009

Two thousand feet

With Lord Hereford's Knob long discarded we went out for a run from home instead. The weather had improved and although windy it didn't rain. In all we covered twelve and a half miles across May Hill and beyond to Kilcot and back. I was surprised to discover the run included about 2,100 feet of ascent. No surprise I feel absolutely knackered now though. Yesterday's race, although shortish, took it out of me but I'm glad I got out there today.

The route went a bit wrong - I shan't blame the navigator though ;) It made for an interesting run. Boggy in places but at least it was somewhere I haven't before - not sure I want to go there again, mind, but I definitely haven't been there before.

With five runs under my belt this week, I shall sleep well tonight, Horatio.

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