Wednesday, November 18, 2009

79 to 81 duh duh dah radio 2

no, hang on, that's 88 2 91 - which is too slow even for me. No, I ran my laps in the range 79 to 81 seconds - except for the first one, which was 83 seconds - bummer. I'm getting ahead of myself.

Sean couldn't get away from work, so having arranged to transfer the generator to Rick in a secret car park rendezvous - I was wearing a dark rain coat, Rick was wearing dark sunglasses and a trilby as we made the transfer - we carried on to the track and ran eight 400 reps with a walked 100m recovery.

It was windy but thankfully the rain held off. I struggled a bit and after two or three was puffin somewhat. I have to admit I was slightly lagging and stretching out the recovery - Rick was having to wait for me, but only slightly, mind. I was bloody glad when it was all over.

I guess I should explain that I had already been out for a lunch time run up over Dundry - if you hadn't already read the tweet. It was a good run but a hard one - stop it. We - that's Martin and I - ran the clockwise Dundry route which today happened to be into the eye of the wind on the climb. We reached the top five seconds down on our last run but after a steady run in the second half, we got back thirty seconds up - with Martin still claiming the win - not that we were racing.

Another double run day which pleases me but I must taper from now for the Tour of Pendle on Saturday or I'll be doomed - doomed I tells ya, doomed...

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Simon Anderson said...

Enjoy the tour of Pendal. You'll only be doomed if the weather doesn't clear, otherwise you'll be quite alright after a nice hot bath and cup of tea.

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