Friday, November 13, 2009

Lovely weather

This spell of wet and windy weather is just the medicine the doctor ordered to make one feel like running. It makes it an absolute pleasure to feel the drips down your spine and the wind blast a chill breeze across your face. Lovely. Just lovely.


Anyway, despite that, I did get out for a run with Martin up over Dundry but alas, I felt knackered. He beat me to a pulp and I was a minute slower than Wednesday. At one point near the top of the climb I was going so slowly that I was all but running on the spot! Eventually I made it over and onto the downhill back to the office.

The drive home was a nightmare. The good driving conditions really brought out the best in some drivers. And just as I thought the nightmare was ending, inside 5 miles of home, the traffic on the A40 ground to a halt. I turned tale, dipped down country lanes and finally made it home - a frickin' long time after I set out - not back of the net. Far, far from back of the net.

I'm tired now, so tired - and a bit grumpy, as if you couldn't tell. It is defo time to veg on the sofa - and I never did find out why the traffic came to a stop.

Helen in runs for England tomorrow in the Master Cross Country thingy up Birmingham way...

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