Sunday, November 08, 2009

The day that time forgot

It was a very long day yesterday. Technically, I suppose, it wasn't actually any longer than any other day but we were awake for a long time so it seemed long.

I was pleased with my run in the Shepherds Skyline race. I got a bit hemmed in at the start and lost a bit of time in the first half mile until things spread out but I guess what energy I didn't use up then I was able to utilise later - still feel I like it was a net loss though. Helen zoomed away at the start and I didn't see her at all during the race. She won the women's race from Anna Lupton, the first time she's beaten Anna so she was pleased. I was 62nd of 263 so inside the top 25% but not as near to the top as I want to be - guess I need to do a bit of training.

The Calder mob, apparently as rowdy as ever, picked up a great number of awards at the FRA Dinner. Though it has to be said the women far outshine the men. In fact, I not sure there was a single award collected for the men. The best part though, has to be the fact we actually got there this year - I'm so glad we weren't hit with any van trouble this time around so Helen could collect her Silver Medal in the British Championships along with team golds in the English and British Champs.

Anyway, I'm mentally drained after the long couple of days and a lot of travelling. Home now and about to commence operation couch potato...

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