Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Have they lengthened the track?

I managed to get out for a run at lunch with Martin. He posted a cracking time yesterday, 19:09 in the wind was a great effort. We were both a bit tired as we chugged up over Dundry against that damned wind - again. Does the agony never end? Do we have to spend all eternity battling the demon that is 'a strong gust or two'? OK, that's probably over stating it a bit. We ran watchless but I have a feeling we might have been a few seconds slower than last time.

There is no rest for the wicked - and after yesterday's appalling time, I am truly wicked - but not it a down with the kiddies, good way - I headed out to the track for some more penance.

Sean was back and running strongly. It was still windy but not as bad as earlier in the day. I ran six 400's with a goodly recovery. I started slow and sped up. My first was a lack lustre 84s! - now that's what I call lack lustre. Then came an improved 81s, a 79s, two 77s and a final push for a 75s. My legs were feeling very heavy and although I only managed six I'm still pleased.

Now I rest.

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