Thursday, November 12, 2009

Easy does it

I feel good after yesterday's training but - yes, there's always a but - I feel a bit lethargic. The weather is, how shall I put it, pants. It was an intensive day at work and the drive home through the spray was tiring. Tonight I rest, without guilt or fear of retribution, I rest.

Tomorrow I have another lunch time run planned with Martin. Dundry...

Addendum - sod taking it easy... Gimme back my speed!!!

I know I can't be idle if I want to go faster - and I really do want to go faster. I forewent the being a lazy bastard and hopped on the bike for a sweat producing hour - and I did produce some sweat - but that's probably too much information. My legs feel wobbly. In fact, I feel near bonked - to steal a biking phrase - so I'm off to get some carbs and a bit o' protein to refuel...

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