Saturday, November 28, 2009

Well that;s the Blorenge for another year

I really felt like staying in bed and missing the Blorenge but H convinced me to go.

Conditions were as wet as I known them - no surprise there then, in the midst of this heat wave we're having - but it wasn't any more slippy on the steep, treacherous woodland section on the way out and back.

I went out - as has become the norm - 'steady'. Overtook a few on the way to the top and held on the fast run back. I was hoping to collect a few scalps on the descent but in the end I'm happy to settle for all square. My time (33:18) was a minute slower than last year but I didn't feel I fully committed to the race this time around. All in all it wasn't too bad. (I was 28th of a record field of 75 on account of it being a Championship race so a lot of the North Wales crew came down to run).

Now onto more important matters. I won my first ever monetary valued prize!!! EVER. OK, so it wasn't cash but a ten pound voucher for running stuff is almost as good - unless, of course, you don't run, in which case it would be a bit rubbish. Anyway, I was third senior man in the South Wales Summer Fell Series - how that happened, heaven only knows, but the stats don't lie and along with said voucher I won a sacred mug. The holy grail of the South Walesian fell running scene. A mug. 'The' mug......

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