Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Wet Wednesday

After a wet day it was, unsurprisingly, a wet night. My back is still aching, right in the middle, between the shoulder blades. No seated posture seems to ease it - oh well, I'll have to stand - the hell I will.

I was, as promised, running another set of kilometre reps over at the track. Sean was on the old 900, 500, 300m session and he looked to be going well - as he came cruising past as I plodded along.

After last weeks three, this week was going to be four reps on the same two minute recovery 'cept it went a bit wrong. Rick strolls up and says, 'It's five tonight then Dave'. Trigger brain freeze - must have been the wet and cold - did I mention it was cold as well as wet? I could've just said, no it's four but I didn't and agreed to the five - doh. There was no backing out. I was locked into five reps and you know what? I stuck to the task and ran the five - did I mention it was wet? and cold?

My splits were 3:42/43's, a little slower than last week but still faster than my current 5k pace and I kept within the two minute recovery so I'm pleased.

And finally, if that Rick mentions any number greater than six next week he's getting a slap...

[Secretly I'm pleased, it was good for me to run five reps - but don't tell Rick that]

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